Fulfilling The Purpose of HTI

We believe that hypnotherapy, properly used, is the most powerful method yet developed to draw upon the deep subconscious resources of people to enable them to live fuller, happier, more successful lives. Our goal is

  • to teach hypnotherapy to the highest level
  • to train our students to apply powerful hypnotherapy techniques with clients.
  • to give interactive and supportive teaching to all students.

As experienced therapists ourselves, we know what you need to respond to the wide range of clients who seek help from you with hypnotherapy. Our training focuses on equipping you with an extensive set of effective skills and training you in adapting these to the needs of individual clients.

We work intensively and interactively with you as our student, to develop your potential for helping others – our students are stimulated by the creative challenges of our training, and the opportunity for making real, measurable gains in skills and understanding.

We include expert feedback in our class exercises, so you can change and develop yourself – being a hypnotherapist is challenging as each client is a unique individual, and it is also intensely rewarding and meaningful as meeting your clients’ needs requires creativity from you.

We know from our own extensive experience with clients that one size does not fit all and you need more than superficial techniques – so our training is designed to meet this challenge, to equip you for real work with clients. We work very hard, and so will you. We enjoy it, and our students tell us they do, too.

We aim to produce real confidence in our students – this comes from knowing, through your experience in our classes and supervised practice, that you have the ability to help people to change.