Our Training has multiple accreditations from organisations with standards at the top of the field

Accreditations of Our Courses

Our training makes you eligible for membership of many professional bodies in the field, as we meet and often far exceed the standards required. We have selected a number of professional bodies for specific affiliation with our school, on the basis of their standards. Our graduates are eligible for membership of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (est. 1980), the British Society of Hypnotherapists (est. 1950) and the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (Hypnotherapy Section) (est. 1989). We are also the only hypnotherapy school in the UK approved by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, a long-established organization with an international membership and having standards among the very highest in the field worldwide.

There is no UK government involvement or planned statutory regulation or registration concerning hypnotherapists just a few initiatives over the years that government has given some limited finances to support and encourage for therapists to develop their own standards and forms of voluntary self-regulation.    Multiple accreditations and registrations are available and they are solely voluntary and not subject to regulation by legal statute. There is much disagreement and counter-claims among therapists and schools about the relative merits and value of the numerous qualifications of the various accrediting bodies so that in practice a school usually chooses whichever accrediting body they wish to associate with provided the school/college meets certain standards which in all cases of the accrediting bodies so far, the standards, it has long been claimed in the media and academic circles, are not difficult to achieve.  At HTI we take standards and standard-setting very seriously and have been at the forefront of developing standards in the UK since 1986 and we do not restrict ourselves to the lower levels of accreditations that are available.  The development of standards and the creation of a mature, organised profession of hypnotherapy are ongoing, important processes that are still far from complete.

The academic community traditionally has not accepted hypnotherapy as a discipline for teaching in universities.  Hypnotherapy has been generally seen as an area of healing practice that does not fit readily into the core philosophies and practices of the recognised healthcare professions though some doctors, dentists and psychologists have embraced it as an important healing method but these individuals have been very much in the minority of these professions.    Some of the professions such as medicine, dentistry and psychology have offered a very limited number of postgraduate courses or continuing education courses in clinical hypnosis but this use of hypnosis is seen as purely adjunctive to the practice of the core professions.  The small academic hypnosis community has decided over the years not to validate the standards thus far developed in the non-academic hypnotherapy field.  The former usually require a minimum of a master’s level degree before accepting individuals into the academic study of hypnosis with its strong emphasis on theoretical learning and intellectual discussion of the subject compared to the approach of most of the non-academic hypnotherapy community.  At HTI, we teach what we believe is an effective balance of principles and skills with the primary emphasis on the vocational practical skills that are vital to be effective in helping clients with their problems.  Our courses are based on nearly 30 years of “real world” experience of working with clients’ problems and in training therapists to become effective and successful in the clinical practices.

Our courses are certified by organisations that require a minimum of 200 hours of core hypnotherapy content.  We are a certified training body for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, a respected non-profit, international body with over 30 years of experience in the field of regulating hypnotherapy in the USA and internationally.  Our graduates may also affiliate with many other external bodies such as the GHSC, GHR and other organisations in the voluntary self-regulation field in the UK.

At HTI we recognise that core training in the most effective hypnosis skills combined with comprehensive, deep psychological knowledge is what is vital to properly equip you to become an effective therapist who is successful in helping people with the many kinds of problems seen by successful hypnotherapists.  “Paper qualifications” which are very easy to acquire in hypnotherapy play only a very minor role in this success given their lack of “official” status or widespread recognition by the general public.  The public, in general, knows very little about the many organisations and different qualification systems offered in the wide field of hypnotherapy which exists outside of the traditional academic system.  All of our efforts in giving you close and individual expert attention and supervision during your classroom training along with proper assessment and subsequent supervision and mentoring are directed to a single purpose – your success as a clinical hypnotherapist.
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