Below is a representative sample from hundreds of testimonials held on files at our London administrative office

  • “I have found the course to be truly life changing.  John is an incredibly inspiring, engaging and knowledgeable tutor who has dispelled all the negative myths about hyponosis and taught me so much about myself as well as this fascinating subject.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough and look forward to taking Course 2”.   L.P.  Student
  • “This course is more than I have ever expected and anticipated!  The depth and the details in all the related subjects which John took us through with such clarity and understanding is outstanding.  I couldn’t be happier with my choice of the HTI of Britain and I am so looking forward to completing the entire programme.  John has been my inspiration throughout this time and still is.  I couldn’t wish for a better mentor”.   A.H. Student
  • “The course has given me a fantastic overview of the theory and practice of hypnotherapy and most importantly I quickly found that I was getting great results using the techniques that I had learned, both for myself and others. The understanding of hypnotherapy has also completely transformed my communication skills and ability to make plans real in my life.”
  • “Excellent. I particularly appreciated insights into the power of speech, how to make meaningful changes to one’s own beliefs and those of others.” S.B., Alternative Therapist, London

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  • “The course has been remarkable and far exceeded my expectations.  Time will tell if I can successfully incorporate it into my counselling sessions but John Butler could not have done more in terms of equipping me with the requisite knowledge and practical experience to set me on my way.  I have attended quite a few CPD courses including CBT and EMDR this year but the hypnosis course is the best I have ever been on.  The teaching was inspirational, extremely wide-ranging and thorough and also great fun”.   C.C. Student
    “The course more than met my expectations. It was enthralling. I would highly recommend it to anyone for both personal and professional benefits.” K.D., Acupuncturist, London
  • “Superb! Covered everything I expected and more. After two days I was starting to use elements of the course in my personal life. Dr. John Butler’s style of teaching and instruction along with his wealth of experience all helped me to digest what was being taught. His confidence and passion on the subject of hypnosis is inspirational.”
  • “The course by far exceeded my expectations. Teaching material is excellent. It is the best hypnotherapy course I have been on, and will definitely recommend it to other therapists.” L.G., Hypnotherapist, Manchester
  • “It has taught me the unlimited potential of the human mind, which has left me in awe, and most importantly, inspired. John has been inspirational, focussed and thorough in every aspect of the course.” A.G., Hypnotherapy student, London
  • “Hypnosis can address so much in the psyche and learning the techniques as well as the theory behind it was amazing.  I’d recommend this course to anyone interested in hypnotherapy training.
  • Brilliant course.  John B is a great teacher and has an impressive background in hypnotherapy”.  A.K. Student
  • “Excellent, clear, concise, brilliant communicator, relates well to students, beyond expectations on all levels.” E.H., Cranio-sacral therapist, hypnotherapy student, London
  • “The scientific explanations about why inductions work are very useful and give more confidence to conduct them. Very powerful. If you want to know the principles behind hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and how to use them to get results on clients or on yourself, go to this course. A lot of course materials provided compared to other courses I have been to. Very satisfied by materials provided.” F.R., Hypnotherapist, Switzerland
  • “Wonderful course content. It has inspired me to learn much more. Teacher is inspiring and knowledgeable, helped me to apply what I have learned to my work and practice. Patient, and a fabulous leader.” J.S., Clinic director, hypnotherapy student, Isle of Wight
  • “Very good content, insightful, helpful. Teaching is brilliant, focused, brings much experience. Confidence- building for the therapist.” L.T., Hypnotherapist, Cambridge
  • “I benefited greatly from this course. I greatly appreciated the quality of all live demos, audio-visual material and general educational quality of the course. The instructor, John Butler, obviously has a wealth of experience, and it was wonderful that we were able to learn from a person with such knowledge and integrity. The course exceeded my expectations.” M.W., Musician, hypnotherapy student, London
  • “I felt privileged to have learned from such a dynamic and inspiring person. It was impossible not to learn, not to understand. He made everything clear and was very patient. Beyond expectations. Changed my life! A life- enhancing experience.” S.W., Artist, hypnotherapy student, London