Hypnotherapy Courses at Hypnotherapy Training International

You want to make changes in your life?   Hypnotherapy is a fast, straightforward and powerful way

  • to work directly and effectively with your emotions and your imagination
  • to reprogramme your expectations of life
  • to change your habitual behaviour patterns

You want to help others make changes in their lives?   Training in hypnotherapy is one of the best choices you can make for yourself – make the most of it and choose a training that will equip you for success. At HTI we believe in

  • hands-on, intensive training
  • expert tuition
  • covering the great range of classical and modern, evidence-based hypnotherapy.

HTI has been providing professional hypnotherapy training for 10 years in the UK.   Our Course Director and Principal Tutor, Dr. John Butler, has over 30 years teaching experience in this field.
Many of our students come to us with no previous training in this field – we take you from the beginning and work with you to develop your unique abilities. Many of our students have already trained in other helping professions and incorporate our teaching into their work.
Many of our students have already trained elsewhere in hypnotherapy, and come to us to expand and deepen their range.
Our training programme provides 200 hours face-to-face core hypnotherapy teaching, backed up by personal study of course materials.  We are available to provide mentoring and supervisory support.