What makes us different:


On our courses we will teach you hypnotherapy with our own, advanced system of suggestion programming called BreakThrough Programming™ for producing powerful therapeutic effects efficiently and with lasting results.

You also learn in-depth the Transforming Therapy™ system of comprehensive analytical hypnotherapy created by Gil Boyne which together with Dave Elman’s Hypnoanalysis has laid the foundation for the great majority of what is taught in most serious Hypnotherapy trainings in the UK and worldwide.  This approach to hypnotherapy is radically different from the “basic suggestion therapy combined with progressive relaxation” approach to hypnotherapy or very simplified, fragmentary forms of “hypnoanalysis” that tend to produce very short-term improvements in clients.  HTI has taught the work of Gil Boyne and Dave Elman for decades to thousands of students and our publishing house, Westwood Publishing, is the sole publisher for all of the Boyne and Elman published writings and recordings.  HTI is the main centre for learning Transforming Therapy™ and is the official centre, licensed by Gil Boyne to continue to teach his rapid, deep-acting method of therapy.

HTI, with its base in the UK, is a genuinely international organisation conducting physical training courses in many countries.   Training with HTI of the UK therefore also allows you to achieve certification not only with various registers and accrediting organisations that exist in the self-regulation field of hypnotherapy in the UK but also with various other international organisations outside the UK who often require lengthier training in clinical hypnotherapy than is traditionally required in the UK.

  • Our training programme is not a brief or superficial hypnotherapy course nor a combination of “mind-therapy” methods that lack substantial clinical or research evidence.
  • We call our training Advanced Hypnotherapy Training because it goes far beyond “relaxation and basic suggestion-giving” therapy, simplistic forms of “hypnoanalysis” or hypnosis combined with some basic elements of traditional psychotherapy systems such as cognitive-behaviour therapy, cognitive-analytical therapy, psychoanalysis, etc.  The latter combinatory approach has been termed “hypno-psychotherapy” and while it has its own established place in the field of counselling and other “talk therapies” it does not constitute a comprehensive and integrated approach to hypnotherapy based on classical hypnotherapy and its modern developments.  Hypnotherapy as a healing art in Western culture has a history of over 200 years, with a very broad and deep philosophical and practical basis, and gave rise to the field of psychotherapy which is an offshoot of Hypnotherapy.  They are related disciplines but also substantially different and each requires its own comprehensive training for the practitioner to be effective.
  • We do not offer certification for minimal training.  Such dubious certification is only “recognised” by regulatory bodies with minimal standards of education.
  • We do not use non-hypnotherapy methods to occupy the teaching time; as little as 50 hours or less of classroom training is often devoted to the hypnotherapy component of many courses in the UK.  In some courses, introductory-level concepts from conventional psychotherapy training (psychoanalytic, CBT, etc) are used as the conceptual basis of the training programme or to fill out the hours of training so that the training is actually an abbreviated psychotherapy training that uses hypnosis as an adjunct to the psychotherapy approach rather than primarily hypnotherapy itself.
  • HTI’s training programme is not a correspondence or online-only course.  While personal study and online materials are valuable resources, these learning methods alone cannot provide an adequate training for professional clinical practice of in-depth hypnotherapy.
  • Our training programme provides the student with methods far in advance of the “relaxation and script-reading” forms of hypnotherapy. This very commonly-taught form of hypnotherapy is more accurately described as a very elementary form of “suggestion” therapy. This does not incorporate the sophisticated procedures of analytical hypnotherapy and other methods
  • We offer advanced analytical hypnotherapy, an approach which is far more comprehensive than older forms of hypnoanalysis which were overwhelmingly based on early psychoanalytical methods.
  • HTI’s course content is not dominated by intellectual theoretical speculation but on the best-established theoretical principles, scientific evidence and highly practical methods of clinical practice, which have been shown to produce consistent results over a long period of time.
  • This specialised course teaches clinical hypnosis independently from NLP, a system based primarily on interpretations of Milton Erickon’s clinical hypnotherapy, Fritz Perls’ Gestalt therapy and Virginia Satir’s psychotherapy. To become effective as a hypnotherapist requires a comprehensive training in hypnotherapy separately from the study of many different systems such as NLP, EFT, TFT, EMDR, etc.   A comprehensive training in hypnotherapy equips a graduate to provide such adaptations individually for clients in the course of therapy, understanding their theoretical basis and practice techniques.