BreakThrough Programming™

BreakThrough Programming (BTP) is an advanced and rapid form of Hypnotic Programming designed to maximally stimulate the subconscious levels of the mind to achieve maximum therapeutic results.  It has been developed by HTI drawing on much clinical work and study from its trainers and the experience of its students and also from the work and research of many renowned therapists. This system of programming involves altering or removing in the most effective manner the old self-sabotaging and self-limiting programs working at the non-logical, subconscious processes of the mind.

BTP uses the fullest and most profound methods of activating the subconscious processes and communicating most effectively the desired goals and outcomes to this level of consciousness.

Programming is a highly sophisticated and multi-level process and is often treated in a superficial way in many training courses. The subconscious processes of the mind are not simply passive in accepting many suggestions as is often portrayed in many basic books and basic training courses. It is necessary, therefore, firstly, to have specific knowledge of how the subconscious processes work and influence mental activity and behaviours for positive or negative results. Secondly, it is vital to have the specific knowledge and skills in language usage, vocal abilities and other aspects of communication to be able to reach and arouse the subconscious potentialities of the mind to turn its powerful influence to work positively on our behalf.
These are the invaluable topics taught to the student of BTP.


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