Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • 6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition
  • Cost: £695 (includes course materials)
  • Certificate of Attendance given to students attending the course.

Learn to apply dynamic interactive strategies to achieve therapeutic effects by using hypnosis effectively to access the client’s subconscious, emotional, non-logical activities of the mind.  You learn to become a highly effective therapist by developing your personal power with hypnosis.  You study the art of applying hypnosis in a wide variety of clinical settings to a vast array of problems. The use of in-depth hypnosis provides a rapid and powerfully effective method to address personal problems, psychosomatic illnesses, stress problems and to achieve personal development, performance enhancement and personal goals.

Major topics in Course CH include

  • How to motivate change in clients even very “stuck” cases who have been in extended therapy for years
  • Creating long-term, powerful change rather than short-term results
  • Using powerful uncovering techniques and hypnotic age regression to locate subconscious problems
  • Changing subconscious interpretations of sensitizing / traumatic events and rewriting life scripts
  • Creating new emotional and behavioural responses to past traumas and distressing events
  • How to avoid common causes of failures in therapy
  • Developing the therapeutic relationship and personal qualities of a highly effective therapist

Outline of the course:

This dynamic skills-based course focuses on teaching the understanding, techniques and strategies necessary for successful hypnotherapy practice.  As a successful hypnotherapist you will see a very wide range of clients, many with problems and conditions that have been developing for a long time and have deep roots in the client’s subconscious processes.  You need to be able to penetrate to the core of these problems with the client and create resolution.  The final stage of the therapy is to educate and train clients how to use their minds to solve problems and create a highly fulfilling life, rather than using their mental energies to sabotage or inhibit their success.  Interview and communication skills are taught in-depth, as these are essential to a deep understanding of clients’ issues, developing rapport with the client and establishing the therapeutic relationship.  Essential to the latter is the development in the student of the personal qualities of a highly effective hypnotherapist, which is an important learning strand in the module.  You learn important principles of therapeutic change and powerful methods to assess and understand problems effectively to help clients generate high levels of motivation and commitment to clearly defined goals. The teaching programme incorporates skills necessary to practice hypnotherapy at a high level of proficiency and avoid common causes of failures in therapy including inadequate or incorrect assessment of problems, lack of effective skills and lack of knowledge of how to apply them with very different clients.  You learn in-depth psychological and philosophical principles of hypnotherapy and how these both overlap and markedly contrast with psychotherapies using primarily conscious, intellectually-based strategies.

Further skills in hypnotic induction, trance deepening and varied phenomena of hypnotism are learned at this stage to produce a high level of technical proficiency in your practice. A key element in the teaching programme is the knowledge and skills essential to creating and delivering highly effective hypnotic programming tailored to your clients’ needs.  You learn to further develop your skills in subconscious programming for application with clients in performance enhancement in a variety of fields including sport, education and business and also for personal development, spiritual growth and health benefits. You take your self-hypnosis skills to a more advanced level for your personal development and personal goals, including the development of your clinical skills in hypnotherapy.  You improve your teaching skills in self-hypnosis for individuals and groups to produce powerful benefits in a wide range of applications, including highly effective stress management programmes and performance enhancement coaching.


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