Complete training – HTI Diploma

Our complete diploma level programme consists of the following 4 courses providing you with 200 hours of “hands on”, expert classroom tuition in addition to guided home study.  These intensive core courses are:

These courses are firmly based on over 28 years of proven experience of teaching hypnotherapy and over 38 years of successful clinical practice.  We have designed them to teach you the real knowledge and skills required for successful practice in the field of clinical hypnotherapy.  Without serious training that is based on proven “real-world” experience of clinical practice the chances of long-term success as an effective, ethical hypnotherapy practitioner are necessarily slim.

You can also study additional specialist courses, masterclasses, advanced classes and other training opportunities with HTI giving you 300 hours and more of expert classroom tuition in addition to guided home study and practice.

HTI also provides seminars, workshops, lectures and other events for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

Our training courses are for you if you answer “Yes” to one or more of the following:

  • If you wish to pursue a career in clinical hypnotherapy
  • If you wish to add hypnosis to your current practice, for example, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, medicine, etc.
  • If you wish to succeed in your personal goals and self-development.

Training Programme Outline

The HTI training programme incorporates the most effective, powerful methods of classical hypnotism and the best of modern hypnotherapy for your success as a practitioner.  The most effective and dynamic techniques, proven over the long history of hypnotism, are combined with modern developments from the most renowned practitioners of the 20th century, including Gil Boyne, Dave Elman and Milton Erickson.  The programme is based on the very broad range of knowledge and skills included in hypnotherapy from which many systems of therapy have developed as offshoots or “fragments”.  Conventional psychotherapy approaches, including psychoanalysis, “cognitive” systems (CBT, CAT, etc) and other modern psychological therapies, such as NLP, have all derived very substantially from hypnotherapy and in many respects can be considered to be sub-sets of a comprehensive hypnotherapy system.  In fairly recent times, many “energy” systems of therapy have been developed which are similar to early forms of hypnotherapy, including Mesmerism and “animal magnetism”, as they were originally known.  The study and practice of hypnotherapy has very ancient origins and elements of hypnotherapy, including even sophisticated systems of practice, have been found in various cultures.

Hypnotherapy, properly learned, provides a basis for understanding and practising other psychological therapies most effectively.   Much of what is offered as “hypnotherapy” may be “dumbed down” for ease of teaching and maximising financial gain, or based on ignorance and confused with elementary forms of “suggestion therapy”.  There is still considerable debate about the underlying psychological and neurological mechanisms of hypnosis, consequently HTI does not restrict its teaching of concepts and skills to fit only one model of hypnosis such as “psychoanalytic”, “cognitive”, “relaxation”, etc.  At HTI we teach a comprehensive approach to hypnosis that is “integrative” in content and style.  HTI students learn a great range of concepts and skills while learning to develop their own individual style of delivery of hypnosis that truly expresses their own creativity as a practitioner.

In our courses, participants learn how to produce testable hypnosis on themselves and others quickly and effectively.  Students practice with unconditioned fellow students to produce genuine hypnotic effects in the classroom to ensure they can work effectively with clients in their clinical practices.  Students refine their techniques by observing the instructors’ live demonstrations and by regular practice on the course. Students also observe instructional video recordings of powerful transformations of clients in real-life therapy sessions. Recorded therapy sessions and other training information on CDs and DVDs are also available for study as part of the home learning component of the course.  Course materials (list price over £200), specifically designed for clinical practitioners, are included in the total cost of the complete training programme.

Students learn the effective use of dynamic subconscious programming methods. Students also learn to use the comprehensive range of methods of Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy to uncover the roots of subconscious self-sabotaging programmes and to re-programme these destructive patterns.

The Core Training Programme delivers:

  • Hypnotherapy Skills for Life Change
    Learn to use the power of hypnosis and hypnotic programming to effect personal change in yourself and clients.
    6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
    Learn to use highly interactive, dynamic strategies to achieve therapeutic effects using hypnosis effectively to access and activate therapeutically the client’s subconscious processes.  On this course you learn to expand your personal power so you can become a highly effective therapist. You also learn dynamic self-hypnosis. 6 days intensive, supervised, training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition.
  •  Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy
    Learn Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy which uses many specialised skills for dealing with the subconscious, non-rational processes involved in emotional and behavioural problems.
    6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition.
  • Medical Hypnotherapy
    Acquire powerful hypnotic methods for many health benefits and for pain relief including effective anaesthesia as successfully demonstrated by us in invasive surgeries.6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition.

Supervised practice in class includes coaching in:

  • Effective delivery of a great range of foundation and advanced hypnotic techniques
  • Use of the voice, speech patterns and language skills for the most effective hypnotic delivery
  • Physical gestures and movements in hypnotic techniques
  • Observation and listening skills for effective hypnotherapy
  • Uncovering techniques to discover the inner workings of emotional blocks and conflicts
  • Hypnotic age regression to the roots of traumatic and emotionally sensitising events
  • Processing and reinterpretation of sensitising events and emotionally-charged negative beliefs
  • Closure techniques and reprogramming of old unhealthy subconscious “scripts”

Students also study video recordings of powerful transformations of clients in real-life therapy sessions. Analysis of these dramatic recorded therapy sessions is guided by your instructor’s commentaries and explanations in a step by step fashion of the therapeutic strategies, techniques and principles employed at each stage of the sessions. During the course, you are guided about the textbooks and other educational materials to study at each stage of your training. Recorded therapy sessions and other training information on CDs and DVDs are also available for the home study component of the course.

Accreditation of Hypnotherapy Trainings

As hypnotherapy is a non-regulated field there is no government regulation governing who can offer services in the field of hypnotherapy practice or hypnotherapy training nor is there a universally recognised educational standard for certification or diploma-level training.  HTI has aligned itself with the best educational standards and has accreditation for its training with senior accrediting bodies in the UK and internationally.  There are a great many “registers”, associations and councils that a graduate of HTI can affiliate with if they so wish on completion of their training.



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