Hypnosis Course For Physicians

  • 6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition
  • Cost: £650 (includes course materials)
  • Certificate of Attendance given to students attending the course.

In this training, a major focus is on learning methods to assist with various psychosomatic health problems at an advanced level.  You learn principles and methods of medical hypnotherapy with the guidance of expert tuition.  You study in-depth principles and methods of medical hypnotherapy for health benefits.  You learn to assist clients suffering from physical conditions diagnosed and treated with conventional Western medicine.  Powerful hypnoanaesthesia methods are taught for pain management with clients suffering from chronic pain or pain associated with surgery or childbirth.  In the classroom, you also learn from some filmed cases of hypnotherapy methods applied to the treatment of specific medical conditions.

The role of psychological factors in health and illness, together with the influence of these factors on patient response to medical interventions, including surgery, has been the subject of increasing research in medicine.  Hypnosis has found an increasing range of applications in medicine over many years, and recent evidence has supported the argument for a greater role for this intervention in medicine.

This course teaches the following at an advanced level:

  • Advanced skills in a wide variety of medical applications of hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotic analgesia and anaesthesia
  • Hypnosis for further specific health applications – pain management, promoting physical well-being and assisting sufferers with various psychosomatic conditions
  • Hypnotherapy for physical well-being and assisting healing
  • Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to specific medical treatments

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