Hypnosis for Therapeutic Transformation

Hypnotherapy Skills for Life Change

  • 6 days training providing 50  of intensive classroom tuition.
  • Cost £695 (includes over £100 of course materials)
  • Certificate of Attendance given to students attending the course.

Certificate of Attendance given to students attending the course. Learn dynamic hypnosis to effect personal change in yourself and clients. The course introduces the student to the exciting world of hypnosis and the phenomena of hypnosis and suggestion. You learn to use the power and potential of hypnosis to create change in emotions, thoughts and behaviour. Successful completion of this module enables you to practise hypnotherapy effectively to address common problems with many individuals, including smoking cessation, weight loss, unwanted behaviours, stress management, performance enhancement, teaching self-hypnosis, etc.

Major topics in Course HSLC include:

  • Understanding the subconscious mind, its power and influence
  • Programming the subconscious mind and the role of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic inductions, including rapid and instantaneous forms as pioneered in Transforming Therapy
  • Deepening and testing the hypnotic trance
  • Using hypnosis for therapeutic change, health and well-being, performance enhancement and personal development
  • Effective self-hypnosis

Outline of the course:

The course provides a comprehensive overview of hypnotherapy giving a thorough grounding in classical hypnotism and incorporating foundation training in Transforming Therapy. The course teaches the induction of demonstrable hypnotic levels and effects, deepening procedures and trance terminations.  You learn both rapid and instantaneous inductions and how to use them most effectively in therapy. The use of hypnotic and suggestibility tests and their applications in clinical practice are learned. You acquire the ability to effectively produce and utilise various hypnotic phenomena in hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Cautions or contraindications for various hypnotic procedures in specific circumstances are taught.  You learn relevant neurophysiological principles of hypnosis and acquire scientific understanding of hypnotic phenomena. You learn principles of communication and persuasion and the development of vocal skills for hypnotherapy.  The phenomena of suggestion and mental programming are studied and experienced.  Concepts of semantics and other important aspects of hypnotic language use are taught on the course.  You learn observation, listening and consultation skills essential for successful hypnotherapy.  Comprehensive and competent assessment of clients and their problems are taught. You learn how to develop rapport in and out of trance and the essential principles of creating the therapeutic relationship and “therapeutic environment” essential for effective hypnotherapy.
You learn about the subconscious mind and how to access this level of mental functioning through hypnosis as part of your personal development and to introduce you to clinical applications of hypnotherapy. You learn principles of effective suggestions and programming for the subconscious mind.  Students acquire essential principles of how psychological problems are formed in the subconscious mind and how they are overcome through hypnotherapy.  You learn fundamental principles and skills of Transforming TherapyTM, a highly advanced, dynamic and long-lasting method of analytical hypnotherapy.

You acquire hypnotherapy skills at a fundamental level to address a variety of problems safely and effectively, for example, certain psychological and behavioural problems, stress management and various performance enhancement applications.  You learn dynamic self-hypnosis and autosuggestion for personal development and individual goals.  You learn the personal qualities of a successful hypnotist and how to develop them at this fundamental of your practice.
Your supervised practice includes coaching in successful delivery of hypnotic techniques, use of the voice and speech patterns, physical gestures and movements, observation and listening skills.


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