Uncovering the Hypnosis Scene of Grace
World renowned hypnotherapist and hypnosis teacher
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Sam Smith, Hypnotherapy for OCD Help
Sam Smith used to struggle so badly..
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Self Hypnosis for Surgery
Watch Dr J Butler,Self Hypnosis for Surgery
Watch Dr Butler as he undergoes surgery under..
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Hypnosurgery Live
Watch Dr J Butler, Hypnosurgery live
Hypnosurgery: A demonstration of Hypnosis for pain...
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Hypnotherapy helps with Emetophobia
Emetophobia – The fear of being sick / the fear of vomiting.
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Psoriasis, eczema, urticarial helped by hypnotherapy
Manage the Mental Side of Skin Disorders
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Bedtime story uses psychological tricks to get kids to sleep faster
The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin
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HTI Seminars – HTI Student Testimonials
HTI-Student Testimonials:Listen to some HTI students describe...
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