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                                                                                         “The People’s Therapy” originated by Gil Boyne

Learn the original, rapid and long-lasting hypnotherapy approach that revolutionised the practice of hypnotherapy worldwide for over 50 years, transformed the lives of many thousands of clients, reshaped hypnotherapy training and continues to trailblaze the profession of hypnotherapy internationally. 

Study the Methods of the Masters and Learn the Skills from Contemporary Experts in the Methods.

This training is not to be confused with the many imitations, incomplete and superficial derivatives that are far from the authentic, complete “Transforming TherapyTM” programme created by Gil Boyne and taught at Hypnotherapy Training International, the official, designated Gil Boyne Training Centre   

The HTI Hypnotherapy Training Programme is a genuinely advanced diploma programme taking you all the way from foundation to advanced levels in the most effective and rapid way.

From our solid background in science and research and long history of therapy practice and clinical teaching, you learn solid clinical skills and vital knowledge that is vital for long-lasting therapeutic successes with clients.

We know how to help you build a successful, ethical, professional hypnotherapy practice not an approach relying on superficial techniques, placebo effects or dubious marketing claims to establish a practice.

At HTI we have over 28 years of training Hypnotherapists and Hypnotherapy Instructors.  We know, in detail, what you need to be an effective hypnotherapist and have a verifiable long history of teaching clinical hypnosis and hypnosis for performance enhancement in many fields.  We are also experts in teaching self-hypnosis for personal and professional use.   With HTI you learn the most effective, long-lasting and rapid hypnotherapy methods.

We are especially experienced in teaching the methods of renowned hypnotherapists Gil Boyne and Dave Elman and are the official training centre, licensed by Gil Boyne, to teach his rapid, dynamic Transforming Therapy

At HTI we are deeply committed to providing you with a proper training in the vast range of knowledge and skills that is genuine Hypnotherapy so you are genuinely competent and confident in working with clinical hypnosis,

Our Training Program is designed to teach you in an intensive and concentrated format the great range of concepts, skills and techniques that are vital for you to be an Expert in Hypnotherapy,

At Hypnotherapy Training International you learn

  • The real power and the many phenomena and applications of effective hypnosis and self-hypnosis
  • To instantly hypnotise any willing subject
  • To develop the hypnotic trance to extraordinary levels
  • A great range of induction methods and core hypnotic skills
  • Powerful deepening methods as applied by us in many medical and health applications
  • To properly and safely perform Instant Inductions as developed and taught from the 1950s, by the pioneering developer of these methods, Gil Boyne
  • How to work deeply with the subconscious mind and its complex contents to achieve powerful, long-lasting results
  • The great range of advanced skills and knowledge of “Transforming Therapy” in their pure, undiluted form as developed and evolved by Gil Boyne and as taught by him as Director of Postgraduate Studies at Hypnotherapy Training International
  • Highly effective methods to powerfully help clients suffering with anxiety and depressive states, loneliness, negative self-esteem, high levels of stress, addictive behaviours of many kinds and other very common problems in the 21st Century, especially among young people, including millennials   . 
  • Methods used by Dr John Butler for many medical and surgical applications and for use in dentistry
  • The methods taught to non-medical graduates who now use hypnotherapy highly effectively in medical and dental applications
  • The skills we teach to doctors and dentists who do excellent hypnotherapy work with their patients

Dr John Butler , the Director of Training at HTI, has worked with thousands of clients and  dozens of celebrities and high-achievers and has been consulted as an expert in a many unsolicited media interviews, on TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

His work with Medical Hypnosis, including hypnosis in surgery, has received much media attention over 20 years.

He has been genuinely employed as a performance enhancement lecturer by major corporations, including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Price, Waterhouse, Cooper (PWC), BUPA and others.

He is the clinical author of the highly popular book “Secrets of Hypnotherapy”, published by Dorling Kindersley.

At HTI we are committed to training effective practitioners, teaching real knowledge and high-level clinical skills.  We deliver practical, powerful hypnotherapy skills combined with the best evidence-based knowledge from the most reliable clinical and scientific sources in hypnotherapy, psychology and medical research.   With HTI you learn your clinical skills in the classroom with close guidance of your individual practice under dedicated, expert supervision.

HTI, as a genuinely international training body, has conducted a great range of hypnotherapy training courses in many countries including Turkey, Hungary, India, USA and Germany as well as many courses in our home base of the UK.  In 2018, HTI has once again taught a range of courses internationally particularly in Germany and the USA in addition to our usual full range of courses in the UK.

Read Dr John Butler’s interview by ‘for the Ageless’ on

Hypnosis and Keeping Young and Vital

You can also download some of our health programming recordings at ‘For the Ageless’.  Use this link to download our exclusive hypnosis programme on natural rejuvenation and better healthspan at for the Ageless.


Learn Hypnotherapy From Experts For A  Career And For Personal Goals At Our Upcoming Professional Hypnotherapy Training Courses:



                                                                                                               4 – 9 February 2019

Learn to be an effective, successful hypnotherapist by using dynamic hypnotherapy strategies to activate the subconscious potential of the mind.

This course teaches the art of applying hypnosis in a wide variety of clinical settings to a vast array of problems. The use of hypnosis provides an extremely rapid and genuinely long-lasting method to properly address personal problems, psychosomatic illnesses of many kinds, stress problems and to achieve personal development, performance enhancement and personal goals.  The course introduces students to to the vast field of Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy to uncover the origins of deep-seated emotional problems and reprogramme the subconscious mind. You learn the most effective hypnotherapy methods of Transforming Therapy, as practiced and as taught by the legendary Gil Boyne, to activate the vast subconscious potential of the mind.

Further course details: Clinical Hypnotherapy

6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition and supervised personal practical training in Medical Hypnosis

Certificate of Attendance provided to students attending the Course

Cost: Only £695 (includes the cost of course training materials).

Watch a classic filmed example of one of the many cases of hypnotic pain control performed by Dr John Butler, here demonstrating hypnosis in surgery applications at

HypnoSurgery Live, a live TV demonstration of surgical anaesthesia using hypnosis without any chemical anaesthesia or sedatives.

HTI provides Clinical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training of the highest levels in London, the UK and Internationally and develops the practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy as an important profession in the UK and worldwide.

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Course Director Dr. John Butler
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All Courses Taught by:
Dr John Butler:
Course Director: PhD (Med Sci., Lond.), MBSH, MBPsS, MA, BA(Hons.), BSc(Hons.)
DHP, Dip A.T., CHT, FNRHP Registered with U.K.C.P., E.A.P., B.A.S., A.C.H.E.

All Training Courses are held at:
The Thistle Hotel Hyde Park 90-92 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NR